Licenses and Registrations

  1. Colegio Nacional De Ingenieros Quimicos A.C. Water treatment expert proof 440 (There are only 10 people certified in CONIQQ In Mexico)
  2. National consultants registered on SEP-CONACYT (Federal-General specialist with registration in the state of Chihuahua)
  3. National consultant in SISTEC (Dr. Ing. Enrique Jiménez Vargas).
  4. ISO-14000 Internal auditor registered by the Instituto Latinoamericano de Aseguramiento de la Calidad, A.C. (Link a ISO-TC-176)
  5. Grade 1 registration in AICHE (American Institute Of Chemical Engineers) Since 1983 In The United States Of America.
  6. Hazardous waste treatment registration “IN SITU” through the GHES Industrial Consortium Representation authorized by SEMARNAP