Treatment Plants


Some of the waste water treatment plants installed:

ATI Consultants directly

  • Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua – Septic Tank with absorption system. 20 gpm Plant in 1998
  • U.A.C.J. – Sewage plant in the University for lawn watering, 20 gpm
  • A.O. Smith – Phosphate neutralization in the industrial waste water treatment plant
  • Lechería Zaragoza – Separation of solids in stables to crib type general drainage, 120 gpm
  • Edumex, 3M – Closed circuit recycling for industrial waste water plant
  • Outboard Marine – Waste water treatment system with 30 gpm chrome lines
  • Ansell Edmont – Waste water treatment plant development based in ozone prototype in Cd. Juárez and implemented in Asia a nd the Middle East
  • Nichirin – Automotive cooling parts Japanese Plant, waste water treatment plant
  • GHES Industrial – Water neutralization processes in different locations in Mexico in the PEMEX facility since GHES is authorized to neutralize 
  • spills “in situ.”

Collaboration with Dynatec in New York:

  • General Electric Group
  • Assembly Company: Water treatment with membrane technology,18 gpm.
  • Sistemas de Baterías: water plant for cafeteria and industrial.

Collaboration with Americhem in Phoenix, Az.

  • Honeywell, Industrial water system from tin- lead operation
  • Vishay, Water recycling system of tin-lead to evaporative coolers
  • Bimbo de México: Lerma, Toluca, Edo. Mex. Industrial Water Treatment Plant